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Following the final dry-bore examination and finding it to be perfectly clean, another patch is saturated with either powder solvent or a good gun grease and the bore is again lubricated. Following the precision fitting of the butt plate -' an operation that requires the greatest of patience in order to assure a perfect fit ' the butt plate then is drilled and counter sunk to accept the two retaining screws that will hold it in place on the stock. Prada Replica Bag White. Spring is formed and shaped to exert pressure on raised camming surface of lid hinge. Let's assume that you are installing the cartridge trap on a stock that has a beautiful finish. Prada Replica Bag White. Though this shotgun appeared dean, rubbing lightly with a new patch proved it was coated with dust and the residue from firing, which was months before. Give all moving parts a light coating of good gun oil, then reinstall the trigger mechanism on rifle receiver. Prada Replica Bag White.

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