Prada Jacquard Medium

The next step is to drill both the retaining screw hole and the hole that will accept the threaded screw which holds the spring to the base. All that is necessary is to build a stock worthy of carrying such an elaborate piece of iron. Prada Jacquard Medium. About this time other shooters in the area wandered down the canyon following that first shot from the. Sid Bell of Tully, New York, does some of the finest hand-engraving I have ever seen, and the beauty of his type of engraving is that it can be afforded by most gun builders to add that final touch of customization to their cherished sporting rifles. Prada Jacquard Medium. But when I became aware of the fact that my old friend, Turner Kirkland of the Dixie Gun Works down in Union City, Tennessee, was offering a complete do-it-yourself kit for constructing one of these unique Eighteenth Century flintlock weapons, I became interested. This fitting must be flawless and is best accomplished with a flat Swiss needle file. Prada Jacquard Medium.

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