Prada Frame Tote

This same installation on a Springfield action is a little more involved, requiring a certain amount of grinding on the underside of the rear tang and assuring that the sear slot in this tang is long enough to accept the sear of the new trigger mechanism with full clearance. The light fillers are for use on light-colored woods, (top), while a standard walnut filler invariably works best for the darker shades of stock woods. Prada Frame Tote. Provided with the Dixie Gun Works kit are three barrel lugs, or tabs, used for securing the barrel to the stock. In filing this section, be sure to blend the material of the fiber spacers, the brass of the guard and the handle material into a graceful arc. Prada Frame Tote. A second hole must be drilled through the spring to accept the shank of the filister-head wood screw that will hold the trap to the stock. Once the ramp is installed, the barrel and ramp are finish-polished and blued as a unit. Prada Frame Tote.

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