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Such fitting is accomplished by 'boning-down' all known tight spots of the holster with the use of an old toothbrush handle, a piece of ivory or even a smooth piece of rounded hardwood. Instead of being stamped with a specific caliber designation, these new Norma cases are stamped Special, which is more ideally suited to the purist ammo builder in forming a cartridge of exclusive caliber. Prada Buy Prada Online Buy. Select sections of deer or elk antler can be made into variety of items, including fancy pistol grips. I rounded these over on the upper half of the band by beveling them on a disc sander, repolishing them prior to rebluing. Prada Buy Prada Online Buy. First drill these four holes with a one-eighth-inch drill, then open up to the exact size of the cartridge case to be used. I recently was in the shop of a new gunsmith who was in the process of mounting a scope on a brand new sporting rifle. Prada Buy Prada Online Buy.

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