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Material needed for the cartridge trap lid spring will be a piece of spring stock measuring two inches in length by 7/16 in width by 3/32 inch in thickness. Close inspection proved that the firing pin was too blunt to detonate the primer properly. Miuccia Prada Slide. The only real damage suffered was to the finish of the stock in the vicinity of the lock where the flash of black powder slightly scorched the surrounding wood. Should any glass be stuck on the metal parts, it usually can be removed easily with the finger nail, or in stubborn cases, with a piece of brass or aluminum used as a scraper. Miuccia Prada Slide. Should this operation be done haphazardly, the mounts will be a sloppy fit resulting in a scope that probably will change its zero each time the rifle is fired. Some might want to make theirs of staghorn or ivory, while others may prefer to use rare woods or any one of the custom caps available. Miuccia Prada Slide.

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