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Garnet sandpaper is used to remove minute scratches from stock wood; then used is 400grit waterproof type of paper, like those produced by Carborundum. These spots will, in time, act as a fine abrasive on the gun and will eventually strip the blue from that area. Prada Outlets Glasgow UK. Once the hilt or guard section of the handle is shaped, the bulk of the handle now should be finish-filed to the exact size desired. Best way to cut finger grooves is with one-inch In absence of drum sander, the finger grooves are drum sander chucked in drill press. Prada Outlets Glasgow UK. The Navy Arms replica, like the original 1858 Reming- ton Arms revolver, comes equipped with a set of sights that date from the earliest hand cannon and are about as accurate. But if your hands are small, or the knife is being built for your wife or girl friend, cut it down to fit. Prada Outlets Glasgow UK.

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