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Since the audience never gets to see the written prediction, you simply, verbally insert the location of the spectator�s word at that point in the prediction which reads, �concentrate upon a word located on page , fromthe top! Remove the cardboard box (which hid the folded slips) containing the remaining cards and pens. Buy Hermes Kelly Pochette. This means the selected card is now protruding outward between the remaining two cards. Believe it or not, the actual make-up of the cards by the folks at Hoyle permits you to accomplish all the effects described. Buy Hermes Kelly Pochette. Believe me, after ten years of performing this effect, the sight of you standing center stage, arms upraised, the clouds of smoke hanging above you is enough to bring any audience to its feet. He�ll squeeze the springs and naturally the only thing that can open is the legitimate center compartment of the purse. Buy Hermes Kelly Pochette.

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