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The performer asks the dignitary to hold the envelope and seal while he writes a message on the card the dignitary just signed and dated. This insert creates three compartments inside the envelope with the longer partition near the rear (flap side) of the envelope and the shorter partition nearest the seamed side. Buy Hermes Birkin Uk. Since your left side is turned toward the audience, your body and the motion of your right arm provide ample cover. No one can hear me right now except you, so please keep a straight face and pretend you�re listening to the music. Buy Hermes Birkin Uk. When she�s finished, I ask her to turn the cards over so no one can see any of the five cards and to mix the cards thoroughly. If you have a quartz wristwatch, prior to showtime, simply set the hands on your watch to the hour the spectator has mentally selected and leave the stem pulled out. Buy Hermes Birkin Uk.

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