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The materials recommended for use with the Chameleon Chest: The routines that will be explained all utilize either 3� x 3� paper slips. Since the pocket secretary is designed in similar fashion to the well known Himber Wallet, when it is closed and then reopened to the opposite side, a second file card containing the performer�s �force� numbers, is exposed ready to be totaled. Hermes Wallet Wholesale. The balance of the cards in the right hand are deposited on top of the selected card and the entire deck is handed to a third spectator. Even though each and every page is now �gimmicked,� it�s still possible to have four of the five books casually examined, especially if you use the following procedure. Hermes Wallet Wholesale. My favorite is one which you can glue to the back of a bookmark, covered with clear laminating film. This is the person who can�t wait to get it going, buys all he needs to make it happen, enrolls in the class in order to become this or that, and then quits before making it. Hermes Wallet Wholesale.

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