Hermes Stores In The United States

Quarter fold the prediction and seal it in a pay envelope duplicate of the one remanded to the custody of the dignitary. Those of you who have seen me do the purse effect in person or on videotape will attest to the absolute �invisibility� of the move. Hermes Stores In The United States. Not the usual dry as dust mentalism, this is fast paced, colorful and entertaining mental magic, that every magician can use in his act. Reopen the purse to the secret compartment side and insert the small slip back in its regular location, in front of the remaining four slips. Hermes Stores In The United States. When he has finished, holding the packet of envelopes writing side down, the performer states that he will move one envelope at a time from the top of the packet to the bottom until the spectator feels an urge to call stop. The spectator is now asked to concentrate on the serial number on the bill she has so freely selected. Hermes Stores In The United States.

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