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Unceremoniously, I escorted him off the stage, up the aisle, and out of the club, where security personnel took over, as a stunned audience stared in disbelief. Now it was possible to reduce 125 words, even 250 and page numbers to a readable size on a 3� x 5� file card. Hermes Replica Bags Birkin. The performer hands the spectator a black marking pen and requests that he draw the same picture he previously drew using an invisible pen, to enable the audience to clearly see the picture in his mind. Subtract the total of these two numbers (15) from 20 and you have the answer to the problem on the opposite side of that card, i. Hermes Replica Bags Birkin. After the participant has thought of a number from one to five, and you�ve turned your back, have the volunteer remove a number of cards that corresponds with the number he is thinking of, and place them in his right hand jacket pocket. He explains to the audience that four numbers will be randomly selected and to preclude any possibility of prearrangement or collusion between himself and any of the participants, a process of elimination will be used. Hermes Replica Bags Birkin.

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