Hermes Orange Crocodile Kelly

Even though the associate does not look directly at the performer, it�s easy enough to use peripheral vision to detect the E. The author and publisher of this book hereby disclaim any responsibility for anyone injured or killed while attempting to practice or perform this effect. Hermes Orange Crocodile Kelly. You�ll note that I have fabricated four authentic looking credit cards, which eliminates your having to use real cards. Hand it and your pen to the dignitary and ask that he write his signature across the narrow end of the blank card. Hermes Orange Crocodile Kelly. For example, if the spectator placed two of the image cards in his pocket, he is to remember the object on the second card that is shown to him. At any rate, April and I hurriedly decided to use the Bear Minimum trick (one of my favorites) and the Russian Roulette routine. Hermes Orange Crocodile Kelly.

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