Hermes Classic Kelly Bag

You can quickly flash the card towards the audience for a second as you state, �I have no idea why I wrote these particular numbers, but as I put pen to card over 3 hours ago, they just happened. To Prepare: If you�re doing the routine described, set up the wallet as detailed above. Hermes Classic Kelly Bag. Once you�re alone with your victim, open your Himber style pocket secretary and show that it contains a blank 3� x 5� file card on one panel. Removing a coin (preferably an ancient looking one with an interesting origin) from my pocket, I hold it between the first and middle fingers of the left hand. Hermes Classic Kelly Bag. When you�re finished, I suggest that you cover each side with a sheet of transparent, adhesive backed laminating film and trim to size. With the left hand, pick up the top card of the remaining pile and place it between the two cards in the right hand, outjogging it approximately one-inch. Hermes Classic Kelly Bag.

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