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There are quite a few other presentations that you can use in conjunction with the �Transparen-See� principle. By combining two or three of the effects, you�ll have a blockbuster routine, one your audience will long remember. Hermes Belt UK Online. Begin to quickly total the four 5-digit numbers (you don�t have to be a genius to do this, because the sum total will match the 6 digit, one in a million number at the top of the pad, randomly created by the audience. The performer opens the purse and inverts it over the spectator�s outstretched hands. Hermes Belt UK Online. After the spectator has recorded the numbers on the pad, you hand the card to your partner as you proceed with the addition part of the effect. Then, as if an afterthought, hold the purse right under the spectator�s nose and squeeze open the legitimate center compartment. Hermes Belt UK Online.

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