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As soon as the cards are on the table, note and remember, the top card of the deck. I was booked to lecture and perform along with a notable group of British performers including Terry Seabrooke, Pat Page and Alan Shaxon. Hermes Bags Buy Online. Subliminally, the fact that the spectator thinks that he inserted his credit card on top of my card, adds a lot of smoke to help disguise the actual method used to obtain a glimpse of the spectator�s written thought. You�ll also need two manila envelopes that are sized to nest, one withinthe other and a duplicate of the smaller one. Hermes Bags Buy Online. You can protect it against wear and dirt by laminating both sides of the card with adhesive backed laminating film easily obtained at any office supply store. Quickly point to a second spectator and state, �call out any number over �1� but under �10! Hermes Bags Buy Online.

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