Small Gucci Dog Bag

To work any of these filling stitches, follow the sequence in the diagrams provided over the next few pages, ensuring that you work each section in the same manner, counting the wraps or weaves. It is also possible to stitch poems or other text within a small sampler if the border is worked over two threads and the text over one thread. A tribute to Paula’s grandmother, Verdi, this tranquil design calls up warm and wonderful memories. Small Gucci Dog Bag. This may mean back-stitching in the last two or three vein holes, as in this pattern, to allow the weaving to slope. A kimono-like top with cropped trousers, a hitatare was worn under armor during bailie and as public wear at other times. If half cross stitch is used the threads will slide under neighbouring fabric threads. Small Gucci Dog Bag.

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