Small Gucci Diaper Bag

Working in stockinette (stocking) stitch, cast on half the number of stitches and work one third of the rows, increasing into the first and last stitch of every second row until all the stitches for the required width have been added. The other three rows are each started with a new pair and the pair hanging from the first pin of the previous row. In this idyllic scene, a Dresden Plate quilt from Paula’s private collection is beautifully displayed spilling from a quilter’s basket. Small Gucci Diaper Bag. Whether you are an expert cross stitcher or just beginning, please read this section in case there are tips and hints you may not have heard before. Take the needle and thread over a group of eight threads (or as the chart), knotting them around. Left hand: wrap the yam around your little finger, under the middle two fingers and then over the index finger between the nail and the first joint. Small Gucci Diaper Bag.

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