Large Gucci Loafers

When a plain edge changes to a purl edge, remember to prick the holes for the purls a little way outside the drawn outline, if necessary first drawing in a second line outside the outline as a guide. To complete the square, either sew rt closed or pick up stitches along each edge towards the middle and use the three needle seam bind (cast) off (see page 25). Simple ganseys have a repeat pattern of one wide panel, such as Inverness Diamond (page 100). Large Gucci Loafers. When the squares are sewn together, the diagonal patterns across the square form diamonds (see page 138). Brush the surface of the knitting when dry with a stiff brush; use a gently pulling or lifting action rather than a vigorous back and forwards motion. This cable throw has each panel knitted separately so it is ideal for practising cables. Large Gucci Loafers.

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