Jockey Gucci Purse

This unusual stitch looks similar to long-legged cross stitch but is constructed in a different way and includes an extra vertical leg, which gives it a richer, fuller appearance. Take this measurement from your neck to wrist measurement and this will be the sleeve length. The Queen stitch, Algerian eyes and four-sided stitch are pulled stitches and should form holes if pulled firmly - see page 106 for more advice. Jockey Gucci Purse. The sections on cables, twisted stitches and embossed knitting introduce manipulating stitches, twisting them and carrying them across the fabric, to add a three dimensional aspect to your knitting. The runners coming from the pinhole side, can make two whole stitches with the last pair, or a half stitch followed by a whole stitch. Stranded cottons are also perfect for making twisted cords, as shown by the little key keeper opposite. Jockey Gucci Purse.

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