Jackie Gucci Handbag

Work the outline in backstitch or Holbein stitch (see page 80), carefully counting from the chart. Linen manufactured for embroidery is generally an evenweave fabric, which means there are the same number of vertical and horizontal threads to 2.5cm (Tin); it does not mean that the threads are all the same thickness or that there are no slubs or wobbly threads! The cross stitch version uses two strands of stranded cotton (floss) for cross stitch. Jackie Gucci Handbag. After 2, work the runners back through the coarse pair and tie them once, tightening the knot gently but firmly against the pin. Use the Kreinik Vsin Ribbon to add the backstitch and the cross stitch as shown on the chart. A bag could be made entirely from Aida or an evenweave fabric, with the design embroidered directly on to the fabric, or it could be made from an ordinary dressmaking fabric with an embroidered panel sewn or fused on. Jackie Gucci Handbag.

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