Gucci Vintage Medium Boston Bag

Outline the flower head with two strands of stranded cotton and then add the filling stitches with one strand. dropping stitches off the needle, or not completing the stitch properly arc common mistakes that arc easily rectified. Cables pull the knitted fabric together and the reverse stockinette (stocking) stitch acts a bit like a rib. Gucci Vintage Medium Boston Bag. Translate the measurements on the schematics below into number of stitches and rows by multiplying those numbers by your slitch and row gauge. Using a large-eyed tapestry needle, dam in the end along this line in one direction and then back again for a few stitches. Twist both pairs once again, tuck the tail of the weaver bobbin under one of the cover cloths, and use the other pair to work out to the edge (when pulling up this pair before making the purl, hold the downright bobbin of the weaver pair in the other hand to ensure that the leadwork is not pulled to one side), and back again to the middle. Gucci Vintage Medium Boston Bag.

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