Gucci Small Leather Satchel

Take the last downright pair through which the runners passed as new runners, and work them back through one pair (the coarse pair here). This decorative counted technique isn't new and was, in fact, taught to girls in schools in England in the mid 19th century. I worked this airy kimono in an open pattern stitch and relatively loose gauge to encourage the supple hand of the flowing fabric. Gucci Small Leather Satchel. Assembly: Match beg center rings at top of bag opening and sew pocket to front of bag, matching centers of both pieces along bottom edge of pocket. I used eyelets, half Rhodes stitch, rice stitch, long-legged cross stitch, double cross stitch, satin stitch and Algerian eyes. Make a slip knot some distance from the end of the yarn (see Knit Perfect) and place it on the needle. Gucci Small Leather Satchel.

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