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As a basic wardrobe component, a short jacket is a hard worker for casual wear in a matte fiber, more formal in a luxurious fiber with sheen, and commanding in all black. Today the Cooper Union Museum is known as the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and is part of the Smithsonian Institute. Uncover the three pairs left on the other side of the bell flower stem, sew in three more pairs at 8 (Fig 148), and work the rib stem leading to the lowest flower on that side. Gucci Shopping Leipzig. The ring is covered with closely worked blanket stitch (see page 84) and weaving through crossing spokes fills the centre. Work in whole stitch, and hang in a new pair at each pin on the right-hand side only, until there are 16 pairs altogether. Slip the stitches back on to the correct size needles, making sure they are not twisted and lie correctly for the next row. Gucci Shopping Leipzig.

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