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You will need sufficient embroidery fabric to house the motifs and make up the case. This rib is begun in the same way as the stalk to flower G, working to, and taking care not to miss the first hole of the stalk, which may be almost covered by the worked stem. Explore and enjoy, and always keep in mind that different factors will affect how your crochet pattern comes out, and that rhe gauge is important in determining how large or small the square or motif is. Gucci Shop Online Sale. When the last hole before the crossing has been made, work the runners back to the plain side, and sew them, and also the edge pair on the pinhole side, into two holes of the rib being crossed. The top of the petal is worked in half stitch, and the coarse thread is crossed before and after. The left-hand of these pairs is sewn into the braid at 4 (remember to replace the pin after the sewing), is twisted three times, and left hanging, ready to work the hole diagonally below. Gucci Shop Online Sale.

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