Gucci Queen Large Top Handle Bag

There are no rules about what you can and cannot do with which threads: the trick is to try the thread on the fabric you intend to use, experiment with the number of strands if appropriate and then see what happens. Work one large cross stitch at the top of your work away from the stitching to remind you which is the top and which way the work is facing. Twist the sewn-in pair seven times and make a purl with it (a left-hand purl if working down the left-hand side of the braid, a right-hand purl if working down the right-hand side), setting the pin into the hole in the pricking under the edge of the braid, not into the braid. Gucci Queen Large Top Handle Bag. You can van the yarn and hook as much as you want, but if vou want to use the same pattern you will need to find the yarn and hook that will give you the same measurements. Instead, when the runners and edge pairs have been sewn and tied at the beginning of the crossing as described, weave the sewn runners in whole stitch through all pairs to the other side, omitting the three twists before working through the last (sewn) pair. First, decide on the size of your bell pull - the length of the bell pull hanging rod determines the width of the fabric you need, so buy the bell pull ends and rods before you start stitching. Gucci Queen Large Top Handle Bag.

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