Gucci Purses Rome

usmg a crochet or rug hook, pull the strands through the edge of the knitted piece from front to back by catching the fold with the hook. Add a dragonfly charm (see Suppliers) using one strand of matching thread and make up as a cushion (see page 219). Fig 78 shows where to sew in the pairs for the filling of the second loop, the numbers referring to the number of pairs to be sewn into each hole. Gucci Purses Rome. Take the needle up to the row piece and insert it under one horizontal strand between the first and second stitches. The most commonly used tapestry needles for cross stitch are sizes 24 and 26, although needles are also available in sizes 20, 22 and 28. Starting this way (Fig 1) can be very useful with stranded cotton (floss), but only works if you are intending to stitch with an even number of strands, i.e. 2, 4, or 6. Gucci Purses Rome.

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