Gucci Purse Bag

The following method must have been a boon to the lacemaker, as it made it possible to retrieve a piece of lace, which might otherwise have been unsaleable. The Hardanger and Honesty picture opposite uses a pretty Anchor variegated thread for the Kloster blocks. You could use the pattern as part of your project, incorporating it into your design as I have done in this Baby Photograph Keepsake. Gucci Purse Bag. If using alternative fabrics, check the stitch count of the material and if this is different to that of the stitched sample you must work out the finished design size - refer to page 20. Note also that, at the end of the first section, no more than five pairs remain, so that the clothwork at this point is not too thick. They vary but the most successful type seems to be those with an adjustable beam, which can be angled on your stitching. Gucci Purse Bag.

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