Gucci Mayfair Tote

Return to the top, sewing in two new pairs each at 12 and 13 and working the incomplete group of holes as described for the pairs from 1 and 2. If planning a local design to include maps or plans, use libraries to collect information. Cross stitch embroidery can be stabilized with iron-on interfacing, which also helps prevent fraying when cutting the fabric. Gucci Mayfair Tote. Sew in two pairs each at 11 and 12, and begin the next horizontal row, as described for the first. Joining two pieces of reverse stockinette (stocking) stitch Work row by row and use for vertical seams like side and sleeve seams. Where I have used antique embellishments to my own pieces, I have cleaned them very thoroughly, as virdigris marks may be impossible to remove. Gucci Mayfair Tote.

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