Gucci Large Shopper Tote

The little violet card below has been stitched on linen scrim, a non-evenweave but pure linen fabric, which usually ends up as tea-towels or dish-cloths and isn't normally intended for embroidery. If two pairs have to be carried along in this way, only one of them needs to be sewn into the next hole; the other pair is simply twisted and laid along the edge of the braid so that, when the sewing is made, this pair will be held in as well (Fig 88). After cutting, don't worry if you can see some small whiskers at the cut sides. Gucci Large Shopper Tote. Carefully unravel the cut threads from the middle to the hemstitched edge, leaving a two-thread border at the sides. These are techniques that can cause a little confusion so I am going to look at them in detail in this section of the book. Paula’s paintings have a unique warmth and familiarity about them, perhaps because she incorporates images from her life into her work. Gucci Large Shopper Tote.

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