Gucci Large Messenger Bag Brown

A bag could be made entirely from Aida or an evenweave fabric, with the design embroidered directly on to the fabric, or it could be made from an ordinary dressmaking fabric with an embroidered panel sewn or fused on. Using purchased or homemade bias binding, bind the short, straight edge of the purse (see page 219 for making and attaching binding). Set pin A between them and use them to make another whole stitch and three twists on the pin. Gucci Large Messenger Bag Brown. Threads may be supplied in hanks, skeins or wound on to cards or spools and this can be a bit confusing for the less experienced if you do not know what the thread is going to look like. Take the needle through to the back of the fabric, using your thumb to keep the stitch untwisted. Work all round the motif, making small tacking stitches, longer on the back than on the front, and working into the pinholes along the foot (bottom) edge. Gucci Large Messenger Bag Brown.

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