Gucci Joy Medium Shoulder Bag

Twist the runners three times, set pin 9 under them, hang in two more pairs, and make the edge stitch. With a needle and the yam in your right hand, insert the needle into the centre of the first stitch in the row below the bound (cast) off edge. The stitches are worked diagonally across the canvas threads, so they distort the canvas less than ordinary tent stitch. Gucci Joy Medium Shoulder Bag. Katsuri is a threadresist technique that we recognize as hazy white patterns reserved on a deep indigo ground. Essentially, a number of fabric threads are removed and/or re-woven and the remaining threads are then decorated. or if you are nervous about dropping stitches, you can pick up stitches in the row below the error before unravelling, as follows. Gucci Joy Medium Shoulder Bag.

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