Gucci Joy Medium Bag

Hold the needle and coil of thread firmly against the fabric, then gently pull the needle through the coil and fabric. The smocking stitches can be worked in the same yam as the main fabric, in a contrasting colour or in embroidery threads which have a larger range of colours for coloured smocking patterns. And size 1 needles were used for gloves and baby clothing, both still frequently knitted at home and therefore available. Gucci Joy Medium Bag. To count rows in stockinette (stocking) stitch either count the Vs on the knit side or the top loops of the ridges on the purl side. Working over a prepared pricking on card is the traditional, and most widely used method. Early French samplers were generally stitched on canvas with the background left unstitched, to great effect -so have a go! Just remember to count the thread of the canvas and not the holes. Gucci Joy Medium Bag.

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