Gucci Jackie Medium Hobo Bag

A mouth-watering selection of embroidery threads from various manufacturers to tempt you - and there are lots more to choose from! Mercerized, divisible, six-ply cotton thread with a soft sheen. This method, of tying the bunch of threads back on to the wrong side of the braid just made, using a discarded pair or pairs, may also be used on any occasion when the cut ends of threads might show on the right side, for instance, after sewing out into a narrow rib. I have tried all sorts of background fabrics and was amazed at how effective Hardanger looked on tartan! Gucci Jackie Medium Hobo Bag. Use the correct size needle for the fabric and number of strands of thread required. The ring is covered with closely worked blanket stitch (see page 84) and weaving through crossing spokes fills the centre. Put the needle under the ribbon and ease it upwards, smoothing and spreading the ribbon. Gucci Jackie Medium Hobo Bag.

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