Gucci High Top Lace Sneakers

The detail picture above shows the narrow folded hem border on the Rose and Violet Sampler (shown in full on page 116), which finishes the project off beautifully. Score another line seven threads out and cut the fabric carefully following this line of threads. Pull the yam up every few stitches to draw the seam together; not too tightly, the seam should not pucker the fabric. Gucci High Top Lace Sneakers. You could make a twisted cord (see page 41) and slipstitch this to the seam all round using matching thread. A mouth-watering selection of embroidery threads from various manufacturers to tempt you - and there are lots more to choose from! Mercerized, divisible, six-ply cotton thread with a soft sheen. You will then have all the stitches still on the needle to bind (cast) off in one go or to join the shoulder seam by the three-needle seam bind (cast) off method (see page 25). Gucci High Top Lace Sneakers.

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