Gucci Handmade Purse

In a way, working with space-dyed threads is a type of designing without the angst! Neaten the top of the bookmark with one row of hemstitch in cream Pearl No 12 and trim to the stitching (see page 119). When a whole repeat has been worked, move the marker out to begin a new pattern repeat. Gucci Handmade Purse. Weave one of the bobbins of a new pair, wound with coarse thread, over and under through the four middle bobbins, and lay this pair to the back of the pillow. Squares can also be worked on two needles by increasing from one corner and then decreasing to the opposite corner. When sewing in the pairs required for the filling, it is often necessary to sew more than one pair into the same braid hole, and normally these should be sewn in singly, as a row of small knots sitting snugly along the edge of the pinhole make the neatest and strongest join. Gucci Handmade Purse.

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