Gucci Flats Loafers

These are worked in patterns, formed with 5 vertical or 5 horizontal straight stitches, each of them over 4 threads on evenweave or 4 blocks on Hardanger fabric. Cut across the threads at the bottom and tightly wrap a length of thread just below the loop at the top. Stitching paper is based on early Victorian punched paper, also called Bristol Board, made in England as early as 1840. Gucci Flats Loafers. On the row below this there will be no connecting strand of yam between these same stitches. Whilst knitting, the right-hand colour crosses over the left-hand colour and it will always lie above the left-hand (second) colour. Sew the left-hand pair into the braid at A, twist it three times and use it to make a whole stitch and three twists with the other pair. Gucci Flats Loafers.

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