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You can buy plastic bobbins and wrap a small amount of yam on to each one but it is easy to make your own and cheaper if the intarsia design requires a lot of separate areas of colour. Alternatively, the pair can be worked like ssk but slip three stitches knitwise instead of two. Mostly this can be corrected by tying the runners every now and then, as described in the pattern but, if it happens consistently, it may be due to unequal tension on the bobbins of the runner pair - if one bobbin is pulled harder than the other, when working the row following the sewing, the loop of the sewing will elongate to produce a gap between the sewing edge and the neighbouring downright pair. Gucci Discount Shop. During Tudor Elizabethan times blackwork was used to decorate clothing to imitate the appearance of lace. If two pairs have to be carried along in this way, only one of them needs to be sewn into the next hole; the other pair is simply twisted and laid along the edge of the braid so that, when the sewing is made, this pair will be held in as well (Fig 88). Fix the embroidery in position by pinning through the fabric into the edges of the board (see Fig 1). Gucci Discount Shop.

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