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I used two strands of the blending filament with the stranded cotton to add a slightly frosted appearance to the bird's plumage. The basic rectangular shape of a kimono makes it the easiest of all garments to design for knitting Choose a yorn, knit a generous gauge swatch to determine the number of stitches you gel per inch of knitting, do a few simple calculations, follow the schematics here, and you're on your way. This design is also a treasury of small motifs that could be used in smaller projects for quick gifts and cards. Gucci Discount Sale. The charted letters from the Daisy Alphabet could be worked on different, perhaps bolder-coloured fabrics to change the took, as shown above. This is another filling which may be worked in horizontal rows - four-pin groups and leadworks alternating - but here has been worked diagonally so that fewer pairs will be needed. Using the simple bind (cast) off method (see page 20), bind (cast) off stitches on the right-hand needle. Gucci Discount Sale.

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