Gucci Clutch Vintage

Finish a piece of intarsia knitting by sewing in and cutting off any stray ends neatly. Work the runners (second pair from the right) through the coarse pair, and tie them once, tightening the knot well back against pin 2, then work the tied runners through the downrights to the left. On the back of the embroidery, at the right-hand end of the band, form a loop start through the back of the backstitch just completed and bring the needle to the front of the work at the bottom of the backstitched line. Gucci Clutch Vintage. Bring the needle up at 3 and pass diagonally to 4, then wind the thread around the diagonal to the centre (as shown in the previous diagram). Working pulled satin stitch is a very different matter to working normal satin stitch as the intention is to make some seriously large holes in the fabric and create a lacy appearance. If the next section is wider than the last, it may be necessary to sew in extra pairs along the base line below the next section, as well as sewing the runners. Gucci Clutch Vintage.

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