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Take a coarse pair, leave one bobbin at the back of the pillow, weave the other over and under the three downright pairs and lay this bobbin, too, to the back of the pillow. The techniques used include M1 to make a stitch between stitches (see page 27) and decreasing stitches (see page 28). Both drawn and pulled thread embroidery are counted thread techniques and so they combine very well with traditional cross stitch. Gucci Britt Replica Bags. Tic the sewn pairs three times each and cross them under, and tie them over, the bunch made of the other pairs. This unusual stitch, also called a knot or bar, is not a counted stitch but is useful as it adds a three-dimensional texture to a design. Choose garter stitch or seed stitch or simple stripes tor an easy kimono that requires no edge finishing. Gucci Britt Replica Bags.

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