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Neaten the top of the bookmark with one row of hemstitch in cream Pearl No 12 and trim to the stitching (see page 119). Don't cast on too tightly, the stitches need to be as elastic and as wide as those on the bound (cast) off edge.Turn the work back and continue across the row to the next buttonhole. Work in fine silky yarns for glamour, velvet chenille for luxury, or crisp cotton yams that hold their shape well. Gucci Boston Australia. You can use the stitch charts to design your own garments, work out increases and decreases in pattern (see page 74-5). Any fillings should be marked in beforehand, either by eye, or by laying the tracing on the appropriate graph paper and dotting in the pin positions with a fine felt-tip pen. Put the nng on to a piece of paper and divide it into six sections by placing a mark opposite the last stitch worked and spacing another four marks evenly around the nng. Gucci Boston Australia.

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