Gucci Babouska Tote Replica

When forming poster blocks, take the time to snip off the knot and weave in the remaining trailing threads as you go. You would need to either hand stitch or use a sewing machine to work a line of stitches invisibly to avoid fraying too far. Trace the design, then either turn the tracing over, re-position the fold over the ruled line, and trace the design again on to the unmarked half of the tracing paper, or remove the drawing, re-fold the tracing along the fold line, and trace the pattern on to the blank half. Gucci Babouska Tote Replica. Many of the dresses featured in her early designs were borrowedfrom friends or found in antique shops and flea markets. Now pass the needle through the top backstitch and out again through the bottom row. Finishing: Using the kitchener stitch (see page 14), graft the first and last rows together. Gucci Babouska Tote Replica.

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