Gg Twins Gucci Bag

Choose a colour or group of colours in stranded cottons (floss) (or other threads) to match your embroidery. Spider's web is a traditional filling stitch used to decorate the voids left by cutting threads and it is often used with wrapped bars - follow the stages below. By following the method explained below for padded mounting, you will be able to produce a very good result and have the pleasure of knowing that you completed the whole project on your own. Gg Twins Gucci Bag. The cards are supplied with an un-perforated blank which may be used to cover the wrong side of the stitching. If your design is a large one you may need to work it on a higher stitch count, i.e., an 18-count Aida, which would result in a smaller finished size. Neaten the top of the bookmark with one row of hemstitch in cream Pearl No 12 and trim to the stitching (see page 119). Gg Twins Gucci Bag.

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