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All the stitches on the left-hand needle will be transferred to the right-hand needle where the new purl row is formed. Work one large cross stitch at the top of your work away from the stitching to remind you which is the top and which way the work is facing. For this cross stitch variation, work a vertical cross stitch and then add four smaller stitches at the top, bottom and both sides to create a box-like appearance. Buy Gucci Iphone Case. I describe fabric choices and uses in more detail in Creative Options (pages 32-36). Cross stitching over one fabric thread (unless on interlocked fabric) is not satisfactory when worked in two journeys; so form each cross stitch individually or perhaps work the border motifs in tent stitch. Do the same for the rows by placing the ruler vertically, keeping away from the cast on and bind (cast) off edges, which may pull the fabric in. Buy Gucci Iphone Case.

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