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When you refer to the Stitch Library you will see that some stitches may be worked over different numbers of fabric threads even though the construction stays the same; for example, Algerian eye may be worked over two, four or more threads. Embossed features are three dimensional, for example, popcorns and bobbles, both of which involve making extra stitches out of one stitch and are knitted independently of the background fabric. Follow che steps and diagrams below, using cwo scrands of scranded coccon (floss). Gucci Stores In Amsterdam Netherlands. Complete the last stitch 7-8 by re-inserting the needle at 6 and bringing it out at 8 (four threads down and four to the right). There will also be a pattern outline of a circle to use as a guide for the size of the fabric. My printed directions for the pictured laces were offered to knitters who sent in fifty cents. Gucci Stores In Amsterdam Netherlands.

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