Gucci Stores In Abu Dhabi UAE

Use two strands of stranded cotton (floss) for cross stitch and one for backstitch. Leave the right-hand of these pairs and, with the left-hand pair and the pair from 4, work a half stitch and four twists and set pin C between them. The basic idea combines the torchon and blank diamond patterns and was adapted from a crocheted original. Gucci Stores In Abu Dhabi UAE. Take the other bobbin of the pair, twist its thread round the back of the same pin, from the outside in, and lay the bobbin back in its place as the second thread from the outside. In bygone days, instruction in needlework was a vital part of every young lady’s training. The final diagram here shows six, with the colour changed to a deeper shade on the final two. Gucci Stores In Abu Dhabi UAE.

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