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These are made as described for Four-Pin filling, then each of the lower pins is enclosed with a whole stitch. Tie the runners when they have passed back through the coarse pair after making the first purl, and again after every two or three purls round the curve. Check that you can see both points of the scissors and that you are only cutting two threads, then lean slightly towards the Kloster block and cut. Gucci Outlet In Kansas City Missouri MO. Take the needle through to the back of the fabric, using your thumb to keep the stitch untwisted. Bear in mind whether the fabric is for decoration or a more functional use, and select a thread count you can manage without the frustration of working on material that strains your eyes. Refer to the diagrams and remember to weave the yam in loosely without pulling up the stitches. Gucci Outlet In Kansas City Missouri MO.

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