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Turn the work over and, leaving the pins in place, trim the excess fabric to about 5cm (2in) all round and fold it to the back. Discard old needles with marks or rough areas as these can damage your threads and fabric. It is shown here worked over four evenweave threads diagonally and under two horizontally. Gucci Outlet In Honolulu Hawaii HI. Open out and work a line of tacking (basting) stitches following the threads to mark the fold and the centre. These fabrics are divided into two main groups: Aida, which is woven in blocks with obvious holes; and evenweave, which is woven in single threads. Remember to tie the runners at the last hole on each side before the braid begins to narrow, and reduce to six or seven pairs (numbers can be reduced quite quickly at the end by discarding a pair from each end in every row), throwing back the coarse threads after working the last hole. Gucci Outlet In Honolulu Hawaii HI.

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